Things To Know About GASP

scIn this world, everybody is becoming fashion and health conscious. There has been recent trend to wear trendy and fashionable clothes spandex land also. Wait a second, you might be thinking what rubbish this is! What fashion has to do with the spandex land (i.e., the gym)! Well, when it comes to gym, fashionable has a new meaning – it means wearing well fitted gym clothes.

People who are residing in the U.K and also in the US, can check out some of the leading brands that deals with sports or gym goods and accessories. Even famous personalities, like Selena Gomez or Katy Perry have stumped across the famous brand and have decked themselves with GASP clothing, during their fitness and workout regime. This brand has become so popular, that, now they are selling various types of clothing meant for hardcore athletes worldwide, along with various type of accessories.

The clothes line of GASP basically, deals with the best quality gym wear and bodybuilding clothes for both men and women. Their standout designs look great and are made in such a way that they can withstand the heavy workouts. Basically, their clothing will reinvigorate the motivation of the athletes and gym enthusiasts. The clothes line usually comprises of vests and tanktops, t-shirts, shorts, trackpants and bottoms.

One of the popular item from the house of brand GASP is Mesh Pants. They are made up of very high quality material. They are ideal for any type of training purposes, i.e for any type of workouts. Even one can war this pants outside gym also. They are made in such a way, that athletes feel comfortable while doing their workouts. As wearing comfortable clothes is mandatory for them. Added to that, these quality clothes are available at an affordable rate for the gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Another popular nutrition brand MusclePharm, has also come up with an unique range of MusclePharm Clothing. Gym accessories are also important as a well fitted clothes. So if you are a first timer to gym, then make sure to carry your gym bag which can hold all your important stuff. The sportswear range which are specially made for passionate athletes comprises of hoodies, vests, caps, t-shirts, beanies, or wrist bands.

If it’s about gym wears, then the right choice would be Gold’s Gym Clothing. This brand completely understands the mindset of the gym enthusiast or bodybuilders. Thus, they try to provide the perfect clothes which can help them to give a great look to their body. As they need to look themselves fit and flexible their clothes range provide them that. They ought to experience exercise center apparatuses. Simply attempt them once its exceptionally agreeable and great quality garments which helps in exercise center workout.

As fitness level varies from one person to another, so the clothes are also made in such a way, so that it can fit one’s physique. But before all this, it is better to consult a physician and then head on for a workouts. But one should do exercise till one’s body allows. One should not force themselves with workouts beyond the permit limit.

Sports Arena

Seeking to woo Indian tourists to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Tourism Australia has announced new intiatives, including appointing commentator Harsha Bhogle as its new brand ambassador. Apart from appointing Bhogle, Tourism Australia will also collaborate with several airlines, including Air India, for promoting the 44-day event. According to the feedback received from the accredited travel agents of the ICC Cricket World cup 2015,..
Cricket is very much in the air, with the ICC World Cup getting underway in Bangladesh. And, just as for seemingly everything in life, there is an app?correction, ‘are apps’?for the gentleman’s game as well, designed to keep you in touch with proceedings, even if you are nowhere near a cricket stadium or even a television set. Yes, there are good old SMS alerts too?which are being offered by a number of service providers?but what makes these apps stand out is the fact that all of them are available…
Defending champions India will take on arch-foes Pakistan in their opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup to be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand from February 14 to March 29, 2015. Placed in the relatively easy Pool B, India, who won the 2011 event after defeating Sri Lanka in the final in Mumbai, will start their title defence on February 15. Incidentally, India have never lost to Pakistan in any of their five World Cup clashes so far. In the group…
The ICC has announced an exciting new partnership with a well-known and celebrated luxury watch brand Hublot, making it the official timekeeper for next year’s 50-over World Cup. The partnership was announced at simultaneous events here and in Sydney. The event here was attended by Hublot Champion ambassador Harbhajan Singh and International Cricket Council Chief Executive David Richardson, while in Sydney, Australia captain Michael…
he International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced an innovative new partnership with SAP SE, a worldwide leader in enterprise application software services, as its exclusive Analytics and Cloud Partner for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. The partnership, which starts immediately and runs through to the end of the tournament, will see SAP utilise its HANA platform to power numerous live match experiences across the ICC’s…
Seeking to woo Indian tourists to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Tourism Australia has announced new intiatives, including appointing commentator Harsha Bhogle as its new brand ambassador. Apart from appointing Bhogle, Tourism Australia will also collaborate with several airlines, including Air India, for promoting the 44-day event. According to the feedback received from the accredited travel agents of the ICC Cricket World cup 2015,…
How can one begin a piece on sporty destinations by not thinking about cricket for the hundredth time. The upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will soon take many Indian enthusiasts to Australia and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2015 and match tickets are already almost sold out. India Vs Pakistan match is scheduled at Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, Australia and even the locals there are excited to see, which team wins. Such is the chutzpah and hype. That’s because cricket is now a…

5 Hot Headed Players of Football

Whether it is Football, Baseball, Cricket or Basketball, Sports is all about TALENT and RESPECT. Players should respect each other and show good sportsmanship before anything else in their game. But there are some hot-headed players who commit themselves into unnecessary arguments, and end up losing their reputation.

Let’s take a look at some of the hot headed players, who have damaged their reputation in Football:

1. Sergio Ramos
Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is a very competent and aggressive tackler. He has a good technical ability but a reputation of having volatile temperature on the football pitch. Though the Spaniard is gifted with good distribution and crossing ability, he often commits rash tackles and scary moves for which he has often been criticized.
He is the only Real Madrid player who holds the record of most red cards in the game.

2. Joey Barton
He is the bad boy of EPL!
The QPR playmaker of Huyton has marked his life with numerous controversies and disciplinary problems. He has been charged many a times for his violent conduct and is always seen in the news brawling pointlessly. Although the 32-year-old has good work ethic, he often displays poor sportsmanship.
Barton is also active on social media where he picks players and often gets himself into arguments.

3. Mario Balotelli
The Super Mario of Football Pitch!
The Italian professional Mario Balotelli is one of the craziest personalities not only in football, but in any sports. The Liverpool striker has created several controversies with surprising actions both on and off the pitch. He is one of the bad boys of the modern game who never ceases to entertain people with his behavior. See also

4. Francesco Totti
The most sophisticated Italian you would want to mess with!
Ranking as the top active Serie A goalscorer, Francesco Totti is a guy that even Balotelli learned not to mess with. The Italian veteran forward committed a nasty tackle when he viciously kicked Balotelli from behind during a Copa Italia match between Roma and Inter Milan, marking the day as the Roma legend. See also

5. Diego Costa
The Spanish professional is a Chelsea star and also the cheeky one!
The striker fights a lot, always trying to get in the defender’s face to generate a reaction. But in front of an official, he acts out as the victim with the intention to get his opponent sent off. His reputation as a hot head on the field grew during his days with Altetico Madrid. See also
Well, getting hot headed is sometimes natural, as the players are exposed to the adrenalized, competitive environment of football. Some people even believe more aggressive a players is, better is his performance, as the rate of Adrenaline in the body increase further increasing the strength and activity of a player. But instead of being aggressive and taking things personally, it would be better if players create healthy aggression.

So I would suggest these players to go for anger management courses before coming to Football Pitch. If you like to share your views or desire to add-on, please comment€¦

Do English Football Clubs Have Some Special Nicknames?

Nicknames are usually used to express the large part of who we are. Sometimes nicknames are the part of the names, while the other times they are the public acknowledgment of what we are to at another level.

Nicknames generally serve as the signs of being well liked, and remembered even when they are a little off the wall. Thus, every Football team of the English Premiere Team has its own nickname with which they are more well-known.

Let’s sneak at some of the well-known teams who are more known by their nicknames-

1. Sunderland- Widely known as the BLACK CATS!
They also have other nicknames given by their fans, like The Rokerites and the Roker Men, but €The black Cats’ became the official nickname of the squad. Well, mostly because they have a long historical link with black cats, including the €Black Cat Battery€.

2. Arsenal- Known as the GUNNERS!
They got their name from their founders, who actually were a bunch of workers from the Woolwich Arsenal factory. In early beginning they were named as Woolwich Arsenal, but later they came to be known as €Gunners’, as the factory use to manufacture guns and ammunition.

3. Everton- Officially Known as the TOFFEES!
Everton was first known as the €The Black Watch’ which they got from their shirt that was similar to the uniform of the Black Watch of the Highland Regiment. Then eventually they changed to royal blue football kit which gave them the nickname ‘The Blues’. But the official name TOFFEES came from the Everton toffee which was made by Mrs. Noblett, who in early was adopted as the mascot of the team and is till date a symbol of the Team.

4. Manchester United- Known as THE RED DEVILS!
Borrowing things might be cool, but borrowing nicknames isn’t great! But in case of Manchester United it really does work well. Yes, the Manchester United borrowed their nickname €The Red Devils’ from Salford Rugby club, who used to train on the same ground.

5. Tottenham Hotspur- Very well known as Spurs!
There is not much history behind the nickname of the team, as €Spurs’ is just the shortened version of the Teams’ official name. But the name Hotspur do came from Harry Hotspur€”the nickname of Sir Henry Percy who was a late medieval English nobleman.

6. Manchester City- Commonly known as THE CITIZENS!
Although interesting but not an exciting nickname, as the name is just the elongation and variation on €City’.

7. Liverpool- Known as the REDS!
Sometimes also called by the infamous nickname ‘ The Spice Boys’, Liverpool is one of the club does not have great nickname. It is one of the most famous clubs in England that is also known as €The Pool’ or €The Red Army’ by their fans. See more on

8. Chelsea- Widely known as THE BLUES!
Chelsea was first known as €Pensioners’, as for many years the Chelsea Football Club was affiliated with the Chelsea Pensioners. But now it is more known as €The Blues’ which they got from the regular kit color, Royal Blue. See more on

9. Aston Villa- Also called as VILLA!
Don’t guess something extra from their name! As their name is just the shortest version of €Villans’. See more on

10. Queens Park Rangers- Also recognized as the HOOPS!
There is nothing to dig behind this name as well, as in the first view you can guess why they got such name. It is just the pattern of their home strip, that QPR got their nickname as €The Hoops’. See also

There are still more teams with exciting nicknames. If you like to share their names with us, feel free to comment.

Learn to Skate at Digi Roller Skating Rink, Brisbane

At Digi Roller Skating Rink in Brisbane we are biased, because we believe that everyone should learn to skate and have some serious fun in their lives. That’s what skating is all about – having fun with family and friends in a safe environment while learning a new skill that helps to keep you fit as well.

Skating lessons at Digi Roller Skating Rink

Our Star coaching sessions are held on Saturdays from 9am to 10am and are open to kids and adults, just turn up – no need to book. We also have adult coaching sessions on a Wednesday morning from 9.30am to 11am, so you can grab a friend or come alone and again, no need to book.

We have an exciting range of coaching sessions available at Digi Roller Skating Rink:

The Skate Australia National Program – From beginners to advanced levels, you earn a different star as you progress through each class. Many of our top star students move on to the more advanced artistic or speed skating sessions.

Artistic classes – There are different types within this category, but once you have mastered the basics in the star classes, you might find that artistic skating, which is a mix of dancing and athletics on roller skates is your next big passion.

Speed skating classes – Not for everyone, but if you love speed you will have a super time in these sessions. All skating involves a certain amount of skill, but this type of skating is focussed solely on honing your skills for speed. Speed skating is a national pastime in many countries and has become a well-loved sport in Australia as well.

In fact, the 2014 Speed Skating National Championships were held in Brisbane in January.

Roller hockey – Another wonderful pastime in Australia, roller hockey is a fast paced sport played by kids and adults across Australia. You can even join the roller hockey league and play competitively across Australia.

Skating is lots of fun, so people book in for our roller skating lessons for beginners and then move rapidly through to our advanced inline speed skating drills for an extra blast of super charged fun.

Your local skating centre should offer beginners, intermediate and advanced roller skating lessons – speed skating lessons come in the advanced category. So why not grab your skates and revise some of the basic moves you need to keep upright and safe on your skates?

So if you are looking for a new sport for yourself or your kids, drop by the Digi Roller Skating Rink in Brisbane and prepare to have a fun filled time.