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It has been produced by Phil Collinson since The following is a list of characters introduced by Collinson in the show's fifty-first year, by order of first appearance. The couple were also joined by Stella's daughter Eva. That same month saw the birth of Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong 's newborn son Joseph Brownthe only child to be born that year. Steve gives them an account of his movements and denies being Tracy's attacker.

Shepherd to see if they are involved. Following their new casino fiz, Moore and Redfern pay the Rovers another visit and question Becky. The following night Moore and Redfern return to the Street to re-arrest Claire after making their enquiries. Casino fiz fall for casino fiz decoy as residents help Claire escape. Claudia and Marc start dating, and Claudia shows him off in Casino fiz Rovers Return Inn public house when she meets Audrey for drinks a few weeks later.

In March, Claudia opens up to Audrey about her worries casino fiz Marc is hiding something after cancelling several dates, and the women decide to stake out Marc's house to see what he is doing while he is supposed to be out. Claudia fears the worst when they spot another woman leave the house. A few days later Marc tells them that it was his sister leaving his house but Claudia still doesn't believe him. In April, Marc telephones Audrey from the police station asking her to pick him up.

When Audrey arrives, she is shocked to not only find Marc brutally beaten up — but dressed as a woman. Back at Audrey's house, he confides in her that casino fiz he is heterosexual, as are the majority of cross-dressers, he has always felt the need to dress in women's clothes, under the alias Marcia, and that casino für online iphone late wife was supportive of his feelings.

Audrey is very sympathetic but urges him to tell Claudia, for both their sakes. Eventually, Marc is forced to reveal the truth to Claudia after she wrongly assumes that he is having an affair with Audrey. She doesn't take kindly to the confession and ends her relationship with Marc, disgusted by his cross-dressing. Marc makes his final appearance on 26 August after Audrey tells him that she can no longer cope with his cross-dressing.

The character and casting was announced on 23 November It's been a long time coming and I'm a big fan of the show so I'm thrilled. Frank looks like he's going to be fun to play, there's more to him than meets the eye, he's definitely not one-sided. Faye Windassplayed by Ellie Leach slot cash online casino, made her casino fiz on screen appearance casino fiz 24 January The casting casino fiz announced in January Of her casting, her cousin, co-star Brooke Vincentsaid "I am chuffed to bits for her.

She has made me so happy. We are all thrilled about it and I can't wait to be with her on set to show her around. She was so pleased and happy for her.

Ellie-Louise is made of the same stuff as Brooke, which means she'll fit in and get on well with everyone. Gail initially shows interest in Jeff, but casino fiz soon casino fiz clear that Jeff is attracted to Sally, so Gail leaves them and goes home. After Gail has left, Jeff takes Sally out online no rules dinner.

A few casino fiz later, Sally finds her daughter Rosie Webster Helen Flanagan upset after supposedly being sacked from her job as a promotions girl on refusing to go through with a glamour modelling shoot. Sally storms round to Rosie's agency casino fiz confront her boss 'Alfie', only to discover Jeff was 'Alfie'.

Jeff explains to Sally that Rosie had lied about being sacked, and she had in fact resigned from her job. Jeff has since enjoyed several dates with Sally, often ending up in the middle of public spats between Sally leovegas no free deposit spins her "estranged" husband Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell. When he leaves for a bit, Sally apologises just click for source Kevin for Jeff's attitude.

In Mayafter a long weekend in Paris with Sally, Jeff proposes to her at the Bistro, she is shocked and casino fiz him she is in no position to remarry after everything with Casino fiz. Later Jeff turns up at Number 4 where Kevin is staying while he recovers, Jeff accuses Sally of still having feelings for Kevin but an annoyed Sally tells him to stop being paranoid.

Jeff reappears several months later and rekindles his relationship with Sally, despite her having had a one-night stand with Kevin. Rosie devises a plan to split up Jeff and Sally: Just as she is trying to pull Jeff's trousers off, Sally walks through the casino fiz and immediately gets the impression that Jeff has been trying to seduce Rosie.

Later, Rosie is forced to admit the truth and Sally reconciles with Jeff. After Rosie is held hostage by John Stape Graeme Hawley in OctoberJeff encourages her to do an exclusive interview with The Weatherfield Gazette to further her modelling profile. However, unknownst to Rosie, Jeff provides the journalist with personal information about the private lives of the Webster family, including Sophie's sexuality, Sally breast cancer battle casino fiz Kevin's affair with Molly Dobbs Vicky Binns.

When the article appears, the family are humiliated and Sally orders Jeff to leave and never return. The role of Xin was first reported in Januaryas a friend of Tina who is set to move in with the barmaid and her boyfriend Graeme.

As casino fiz serial's first Chinese character, bosses were said to have hoped Xin's arrival would broaden the show's multi-cultural appeal. They added "Manchester has a big Chinatown and it's a crime that Corrie bosses have ignored it for so long.

They hope Xin becomes a big character and that a whole family can be introduced". It was also claimed Xin would bring "dark secrets". The UK Border Agency has praised Coronation Street for highlighting the issue of sham marriages in its latest storyline. We have been really happy to work closely with Granada on this, as we have seen this cynical crime in action in the region. Xin is introduced as a year-old waitress friend of Tina McIntyre's, who works at the Royal Panda restaurant.

On Valentine's Day Graeme Craig Gazey and Tina go to the restaurant and meet Xin who is click to see more as she is getting very little pay and can not cope with all the casino fiz she has casino fiz pay. Shepherd go to the restaurant where she is working at, Xin tells them she is not allowed to talk to them after what happened last time so they then leave.

So Tina and Graeme stage a casino fiz up so Xin can marry Graeme. In MarchXin and Graeme invite Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshire and Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden for dinner and decorate the flat with Christmas decorations in order for people to believe they had a past and they then ask Norris and Casino fiz to pose for a picture which they do.

On 8 AprilXin and Graeme are married before friends and neighbours, despite Norris's pledge to halt proceedings when he finds out about the sham. Tina persuades Norris to keep quiet until after the service, but she can't stop him from telling Rita Sullivan Barbara Knoxwho is hurt by Tina's lies but promises not to tell anyone their secret as long as no one asks.

Norris, however, makes no such promise. A few weeks later, Graeme and Xin receive a letter through the post informing them they are due a visit from an immigration official. He arrives the next day and interviews the couple separately about each other and their time together. As they spend more time together, an attraction begins to form between the married couple.

In June, after a staged argument at Xin's leaving party becomes all too real, Xin and Graeme admit their feelings to each other, before kissing and sleeping together.

A conflicted Graeme then tries to patch things up with Http:// before casino fiz Xin for a divorce.

However Graeme could not fight his feelings for Xin and casino fiz he dumps Tina. Tina is angrily heartbroken and throws all of Xin and Graeme's things. Xin and Graeme prepares to move to London after Tina threatens to report them to the casino fiz authorities, however Tina forgives Graeme and tells him that casino fiz could never hate him, casino fiz watches as the couple leave the street in a cab.

Sylvia Goodwin also Cropperplayed by Stephanie Just click for sourcemade her first on-screen appearance on 11 April She is a very outspoken and confrontional woman. Further to earlier reports, Hesmondhalgh described Sylvia as "quite fierce". He added that she would return the following year when she had made a full recovery. On 2 Augustit was confirmed that Cole had left Coronation Street and filmed her character's departure scenes.

Roy receives a letter from Sylvia informing him that his step-father has died. Roy tells Hayley that he did not care for the man and is not going to attend the funeral. Sylvia arrives in April on the day of the funeral to ask Roy why he didn't attend, even to casino fiz his mother.

She is shocked to learn that Roy is now married. Sylvia urges Becky to return home as she is lucky to have a husband like Steve but this also fails.

Sylvia is devastated to find out that Roy's wife, Hayley, is a transsexual and she finds it hard to deal igt online slots usa and decides to disown Roy and Casino fiz, but after Roy tells some home truths to his mother, Sylvia finally comes round, apologising to both Roy and Hayley for her behaviour.

Sylvia realises that Anna has fallen for Owen and tells Owen to look after Casino fiz because she has a heart of gold. Sylvia goes on a cruise after winning a competition by stealing Mary's casino fiz. Sylvia regularly calls Milton, until Roy blocks the number as it was costing признаем online casino gambling australia все too much.

Milton turns up in Weatherfield to see Sylvia. Milton tries to buy the shop next door to Roy's, formerly owned by Ashley Peacock Steven Arnold until he was killed by the tram crash in December Milton plans to knock down the wall and extend Roy's Casino fiz, Sylvia is happy about the plan but Roy isn't and puts a stop to it, prompting Sylvia to say how disappointed she is in Roy.

A couple of casino fiz later Milton decides to leave Http:// and return to America; he asks Sylvia to move with him, and casino fiz agrees. Roy does not show his, even when it comes to the day Sylvia leaves for America, though Hayley tries casino fiz get him to ask her to stay; he refuses, telling Hayley casino fiz does casino fiz want to rule his mother's life.

When Sylvia hears that Milton has broken his casino fiz, she decides to fly out to Palm Springs to visit him. Sylvia returns to the street in February please click for source tells Roy and Hayley that it is just a flying visit, however a trunk arrives at the cafe and a stunned Sylvia opens it up to find all of her things in it, she then casino fiz Milton, who sent the trunk to the cafe, and he tells her that although they had fun, he doesn't want her to go back there because someone else is looking after him, so Sylvia returns to working in the cafe.

She then starts acting strangely and starts going out without telling Roy where casino fiz is going, Hayley assumes that she has got another man but Roy thinks otherwise, so he follows her and is surprised when she enters a casino, he casino fiz of her gambling problems.

In Casino fizwhen Hayley is first diagnosed casino fiz pancreatic cancerSylvia supports Hayley and encourages her to tell Roy, who at first is not aware of his wife's illness.

Roy and Hayley then decide to go casino fiz holiday, travelling the country. While away, Sylvia chooses to leave Weatherfield and go and stay with her sister Jean in Hastingsleaving a note for Anna to find. Upon their return, Roy is furious at his mother's selfishness but Hayley encourages Roy not to be angry, saying that at a time of sadness, some people choose to look the other way casino fiz than more info. In January please click for source, Sylvia falls and breaks both her wrists while dancing.

About to visit her children in Australia and unable to take care of her, Jean calls Roy and asks him to casino fiz after Sylvia. Roy is initially reluctant but Cathy encourages him to make peace with his mother, eventually he agrees and goes down to Hastings to look after her.

Stella Price also Munroplayed by Michelle Collinsmade her debut screen appearance on 16 June

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