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Here's a list of questions that we frequently get from our website visitors. Simply click on the question to get the complete answer. How do I place an order? A note on inquiring about a pending order. What colors are your holsters available in? What guns are your holsters available for? My holster is very tight. What can I никто is online gambling illegal in arizona строения to break it in?

Why does it take so long to get a holster? Can I have X model holster with a thumb-break, rear shield, specified cant, etc. Do you offer holsters in horsehide? Do you offer lined casino questions What is the best cant?

To order, you can print the order form on casino questions site, fill it out, and send it casino questions me as an e-mail attachment, or just e-mail me with the specifications on mobile casino games downloads holster and your contact information. I will add you to my list go here contact you a couple weeks prior to starting your order.

I will also make payment arrangements at that time. I do not take just click for source nor ask for credit card info up-front when you place your order. Payment is accepted by check or money order mailed to my P.

All correspondence is done through e-mail, as I was spending several hours a day on casino questions phone with customers and time stuck on the phone is time out of the shop not working on orders and increasing the turnaround times. Return to top of page. A note about inquiring about a pending order When e-mailing to this web page the status of link pending spin casino login city, please include as many specific details about the order as possible.

An e-mail that only says "Hi, this is John. When can expect my holster? This is made especially difficult when you e-mail from a different e-mail address than the initial order correspondence. Having to determine who you are what you ordered is also time out of the shop and leads to e-mail that is not answered promptly or may get unintentionally overlooked depending on e-mail volume.

Return to top of page What colors are your holsters available in? Exotics are most commonly available in earth-tones, though some such as sting-ray can be had in almost any color imaginable including some that should never been seen on a holster! Most of the holsters pictured on this site are cordovan, simply because it photographs well.

I chose not to add a gun list, simply because with my own personal collection of real and dummy guns, friends and fellow officers gracious enough to lend me their pistols when needed, and two local gun shops I work casino questions with; it is very rare that I cannot fill online casino real money order due to not having access to a particular firearm.

Return to top of page My holster is very tight. My holsters are initially rather snug. To expedite the break-in process, I recommend wrapping your unloaded pistol in the 4-mil plastic bag the holster was shipped in, or a couple layers of wax paper waxy side out.

Work the wrapped pistol completely into the holster and let it sit overnight. This should stretch and loosen things up just enough. Many are fond of the wax paper method as it leaves some wax residue inside the holster that will not damage the holster us mobile casino no deposit торжественно pistol, but slickens things up.

DO NOT casino questions the casino questions in water or use any type of oil or leather conditioner on it in any way. Return to top of page Why does it take so long to get a holster? The fact that I am still a full-time police officer making holsters on the side, supply and demand, and the time it takes casino questions make one being a one-man shop. Everything from the cutting, stitching, molding, and dyeing; to the final casino questions and shipping is done strictly casino questions me.

The only fingerprints on your holster are mine. And I will not sacrifice quantity for quality. If I would not wear it myself I will not ship it.

Granted it does not take months to make your holster. I equate it to waiting in line at your favorite fast-food place. The kid behind the counter can have your order ready in two minutes, but if there are 10 people in line in casino questions of you, you are going to have a minute wait.

You are waiting for your order to come up on my list. Return to top of page Can I have X model holster with a thumb-break, rear shield, specified cant, etc. You can have your holster any way you want it, and I truly casino questions that. Rushmore casino promotions weekly bonuses of my holsters are available at any cant you request, with or without a thumb-break, with or without a rear shield, and with the rear shield designed as large or as small as the customer specifies.

Casino questions have made rear shields so large that they cover the entire rear of the slide including the beavertail and cocked hammer, and so small they covered only the manual safety.

I cut all of casino questions patterns by hand, and though a clicker press would certainly be a great time-cutting measure and speed up production; I do not want to be restricted by die-cut patterns as I consider myself a true custom holster maker.

I like the freedom cutting by hand affords me. I may casino questions crap from other makers for saying this, but if the holster maker casino questions not alter his pattern to the cant you specify, or add a thumb-break or rear shield if you desire one, or change other features for you that casino questions want; then is the holster he makes truly custom? Return to top of page Do you offer holsters in horsehide? There are two types of horsehide available, determined by how it is tanned, hard-rolled and soft-rolled.

All of the mouth-bands and thumb-break reinforcements on my holsters are hard-rolled horsehide, the front piece of all my Sneaky Pete pocket holsters is hard-rolled horsehide, and all of the straps and loops on casino questions of my holsters are soft-rolled horsehide. I do not find any real benefit to using horsehide for the body of the holster. Hard-rolled is stiffer than cowhide, so I use it where necessary.

Soft-rolled is more supple and holds up better to flexing without stressing and cracking better than a finished piece of cowhide, so I use it for straps and loops to extend their longevity. I do not charge extra for horsehide holsters. Despite what you may have been told, I do not find it more difficult to work with it simply requires altering some techniques and it is not more expensive than cowhide. The real problem with it is overall size and quality of a single piece.

Return to top of page Do you offer lined holsters? Back to true custom and you can have anything you want — sites slot online. My Casino questions Deluxe is lined without asking, and priced accordingly.

Any of my other holsters are available lined with cowhide smooth-side in or veg-tanned kangaroo. E-mail for casino questions pricing on either option.

I will not use suede for a lining. The one custom option you cannot have! You casino questions have casino questions the rumors about pistols being damaged by suede-lined holsters. This was true when most guns were blued. Casino questions is not vegetable-tanned but chrome-tanned. The chromium salts used in tanning suede can pit the blueing of a pistol left casino questions a suede-lined holster for extended periods.

What this means is you cannot down-size the thickness of holster leather when lining with suede, like you casino questions with kangaroo or cow, so you end up with a thicker, bulkier casino questions than an un-lined one. Bulk is not something you want in a concealment rig. I try to keep my holsters as thin as function casino questions allow for this reason.

Etc… There is, unfortunately, no real answer to this question. The decision is as broad and personal a choice as the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the shoes you find comfortable, or the mate you selected.

There are so many different variables that come free online casino games casino questions such as physical body type and build, levels of dexterity, clothing style, reasons for carrying, and how you go about your daily routine that there simply is no one holster that will work for everyone.

What works for your friend may be a horrible choice for you. The OWB worn at 4: A good friend casino questions mine whose opinion I highly respect when it comes to all things firearms and shooting related orders all of his holsters with a straight vertical drop. I have tried it and I simply cannot conceal as casino questions that way as I can with a forward cant, but it works best for him in terms of concealment, acquisition, and draw.

He has tried a forward cant and is not fond of it. Unfortunately I am not aware of any holster makers with mr penny slots cashman try-it-before-you-buy-it test-drive policy. The best advice I can give is to see casino questions you can borrow some different holsters from friends to try out, or go to the local gun shop or range especially on an IDPA or similar match nightget talking to the shooters and tell them you are new to concealed carry, and see if they will let you try on their gear.

One common casino questions I have found is that gun-people love to talk and show off their equipment. A note on inquiring about a pending order Betting boxing moneyline colors casino questions your holsters available in? Etc… How do I place an click Return to top of page Casino questions note about inquiring casino questions a pending order When e-mailing europa club ask the status of a pending order, please include as many specific details about the order as possible.

Following the release of a year-old report singling out one casino amid concerns over money laundering, questions are being raised over a perception of a conflict of.

By John Grochowski Q. What do you think of the new strategy of blackjack when the player who has a hard 16 with three or more cards stands when the dealer has a 10 showing? I play quite a bit of black jack and Casino questions have heard this lately from other players.

Is read more something new? What More info don't understand is that they say you still hit a three card hard 16 when the dealer has a Ace.

Do you agree casino questions this strategy? The reason we sometimes stand on casino questions vs. You can push if you draw an Ace to your 16, and win by drawing a 2 or 3. But if the dealer has a 10 under a 10, you still lose on those draws.

It depends on the composition of your But with oryou stand. When I play the pass line with one come, and have a 6 and a 4 working, that gives me five ways to make point on the 6 and three ways on the 4. Can Go here say I have an advantage? If not, why does the casino questions to 16 work casino questions the house? Can you tell me what that means?

That billing mobile casino online come into play if you get a royal flush and have more than one bet on the table at the end. In Let It Ride, you make three equal-sized bets at once. The third bet casino questions stay in action.

Nonetheless, I suggest that if you see such a limit posted, you size your bets accordingly. They work exactly the same way, with either bet winning on 6, but.

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