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With a census-estimated east coast gambling of , [3] The Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australiamaking it the largest non- capital cityand the second-largest city in Queensland. The first settlement in what is now South East Queensland was as a penal colony at Redcliffe. The hinterland's red cedar supply attracted people to the area in the midth century.

Later inSouthport was surveyed and established and grew a reputation as a secluded holiday destination for wealthy Brisbane residents. East coast gambling Gold Coast region grew significantly after the establishment of the East coast gambling Paradise hotel in the late s. The area boomed in the s as a leading tourist destination and inthe City of Gold Coast local government area was expanded to encompass the majority of the Gold Coast's metropolitan area, becoming the second most populous local government area in Australia after the City of Brisbane.

Nicknamed the Glitter Strip, today it is a major tourist destination with its sunny subtropical climate and has become widely known for its surfing beaches, east coast gambling dominated skyline, theme parksnightlifeand rainforest hinterland. The city is central to the nation's entertainment industry with some calling it "Australia's Hollywood", [4] with television productions and a major film and music industry.

The Gold Coast will host the Commonwealth Games. Captain Matthew Flindersan explorer charting the continent north from the colony of New South Walessailed past in Escaped convicts from the Moreton Bay penal settlement hid in the region.

East coast gambling region remained largely uninhabited by Europeans until when explorer John Oxley landed at Mermaid Beachwhich was named after east coast gambling a east coast gambling named Mermaid. A click the following article of small townships developed along coast and in the hinterland. The western suburb of Nerang was surveyed and established as a base for the industry and by a town reserve had been set aside.

However, inflated prices for real estate and other goods and services led to the nickname of "Gold Coast" from As the tourism industry grew into the s, local businesses began to adopt the term Gold Coast in their names, and on 23 October the Town of South Coast was renamed Town of Gold Coast. Inthe Gold Coast overtook the population of Newcastle, New South Wales to east coast gambling the sixth largest city in Australia and the largest east coast gambling city.

The Gold Coast is approximately half covered by forests of various types. This includes small patches of near-pristine ancient rainforest, mangrove-covered islands, and patches of coastal heathlands and farmland with areas of uncleared eucalypt forest.

Of the plantation pine forests that were planted in the s and s, when commercial forest planting for east coast gambling minimisation was encouraged by the Commonwealth government, tiny remnants remain. Gold Coast City lies in the southeast corner of Queenslandto east coast gambling south of Brisbanethe state capital. From Coolangatta, approximately east coast gambling kilometres of holiday resorts and surfing beaches stretch north to the suburb of Main Beach, and then further on Stradbroke Island.

The major river in the area east coast gambling the Nerang River. The heavily developed coastal strip sits on a narrow barrier sandbar between these waterways and the sea. To the west, the city borders a part of the Great Dividing Range commonly referred to as the Gold Coast hinterland. Important rainforest pollinating and seed-dispersing Black flying foxes pteropus alecto are found in the area and may be heard foraging at night.

The Gold Coast includes suburbs, localities, towns and rural districts. At the heart of the Gold Coast is the emergence of a CBD that is revitalised, dynamic and vibrant; a CBD that will position east coast gambling Gold Coast as continue reading globally competitive business, investment and lifestyle destination. Waterfront canal living is a feature of the Gold Coast. Most canal frontage homes have pontoons.

Breakwaters on either side of the Seaway prevent longshore drift and the bar from silting up. A sand pumping operation on the Spit pipes sand under the Seaway to continue this natural process.

Residential canals were first built in the Gold Coast in the s and construction continues. Early canals included Florida Gardens, Isle of Capri which were under construction at the time of the flood. Recently они igt top dollar slot machine for sale Ну canals include Harbour Quays and Riverlinks completed in Duranbah Beach is one of the world's best known surfing beaches and is often thought of as being part of Gold Coast Article source, but is actually just across the New South Wales state border in Tweed Shire.

The Gold Coast has Australia's largest [26] professional surf lifesaving service to protect people on the beaches and to promote surf safety throughout the community. Even east coast gambling the SCP, sharks do range within sight of the patrolled beaches.

Lifeguards will clear swimmers east coast gambling the click here if it is considered that there is a safety risk. Gold Coast beaches have experienced periods of severe beach erosion. Ina series of 11 cyclones removed most of the sand from Gold Coast beaches.

The Government of Queensland engaged engineers from Delft University in the Netherlands to advise what to do about the beach erosion. By most of the recommendations of the Delft Report had been implemented. Gold Coast City online gambling winners also investing into the quality and capacity of the Gold Coast Oceanway that provides sustainable transport along Gold Coast beaches.

The city experiences substantial summer precipitation mostly concentrated in thunderstorms and heavy showers with rain events occasionally lasting up to a few weeks at time giving residents "the Summer blues", while winter is pleasantly mild to warm with little rain. In fact, it is for this pleasant winter weather that both the city and the Sunshine Coast —the coastal region north of Brisbane— are internationally renowned. Extreme temperatures recorded at Gold Coast Seaway have ranged from 2.

The city is governed at the local east coast gambling by the Gold Coast City Council, the second largest local government in the country behind Brisbane City. Its origins lie in two local governments established at the 10 June elections: InGold Coast shrank slightly as part of Queensland government's reorganisation of local government boundaries, losing the Beenleigh and Eagleby areas north of the Albert River to Logan City Council.

The Gold Coast area is represented at the state level by read article members in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. The seats they hold are: Federally, the Gold Coast area is split between three divisions in the House of Representatives -- Fadden northernMoncrieff central and McPherson southern.

Some western areas http://legjobb-bakik.info/euro-palace-casino-instant-play.php part of Fordewhich stretches into the outer southern portions of the Brisbane area.

Historically, the Gold Coast has tilted conservative. It was a Country Party bastion for most east coast gambling the first three decades after World War II, but increasing urbanisation has made it a Liberal stronghold. Labor has historically this web page done well around Labrador and Coolangatta.

Only one Labor MP has ever represented a significant portion of east coast gambling Gold Coast at the federal level since ; the three Gold Coast east coast gambling have only returned Liberals since At the state level, Labor has been fairly competitive in the Gold Coast east coast gambling most of the early part of the 21st century.

However, as part of its massive landslide in the state electionthe Liberal National Party won every seat there. The LNP repeated its sweep of the Gold Coast seats at the electiona major reason why it harboured hope of a minority government after losing its majority. There are subsidiary Magistrates Courts, also located at the northern and southern suburbs of Beenleigh and Coolangatta.

Politically Gold Coast citizens generally vote for socially pc cashman slots for political parties.

In fifty years, Gold Coast City has grown from a small beachside holiday destination to Australia's sixth largest city and the country's most populous non-capital city. Situated within South East Queensland's growth corridor, the Gold Coast is one of Australia's fastest growing large cities, east coast gambling a 5-year annual average population growth rate to of 1.

Some diversification has taken place, with the city now having an industrial base formed of marine, education, information communication and technology, food, tourism, creative, environment and sports industries. These nine industries have been identified as the key industries by the City of Gold Coast Council to deliver the click the following article economic prosperity.

Gold Coast City's unemployment rate 5. Around 10 million tourists visit the Gold Coast area every year: There have been various prospects and proposals raised for even more east coast gambling parks than the current five. Brisbane Airport is less than one east coast gambling from the centre of Gold Coast, and direct trains operate. Skull IslandThor: RagnarokPacific Rim: Uprising and East coast gambling The Studios consists of eight sound east coast gambling, production offices, editing rooms, wardrobe, construction workshops, water tanks and commissary.

These sound stages vary in size and have an overall floor area of 10, sq metres, making Warner Roadshow Studio one of the largest studio lots in the Southern Hemisphere. The Queensland Government actively supports the film and television production industry in Queensland and provides both non-financial and financial assistance through the Pacific Film and Television Commission.

The Gold Coast's culture has been impacted by rapid development and traditional marketing programs orbiting around 'sun, sand, surf and sex. Despite rapid socio-economic changes and a tourist-centred image, there is evidence of local resident-driven culture such as surf gangs in geographical pockets and a broader 'Gold Coaster' identity drawn from globalised resort and real estate marketing discourses. The Arts Centre Gold Coast is east coast gambling Gold Coast's premier cultural facility for visual and performing arts with a performance Theatre, two Cinemas and an underground venue.

Musicals, Plays and a variety of performances are regularly scheduled. Film Festivals and east coast gambling Comedy Club host international Artists. A redeveloped Gold Coast Cultural Precinct is in planned east coast gambling be functioning when the city hosts the Commonwealth Games. Burleigh Bears football club play in the Queensland Cup and have won two premierships in and Recreational activities on the Gold Coast include surfing, fishing, cycling, boating and golf.

Some of these facilities are being superseded by newer and larger capacity facilities. The Gold Coast formerly known as Lexmark Indy is a car racing event held annually, usually in October. The course runs through the streets of Surfers Paradise and Main Beach. Formerly an Indy car event, V8 Supercars are now the headline attraction, using a similar track route, as the circuit was cut in half by a hairpin. There are plans to relocate and build a state-of-the-art new racetrack at Palm Meadows which will incorporate the Magic Million sale with facilities for up to horses.

Each June, Coolangatta hosts the Wintersun Festival renamed as Cooly Rocks On fora two-week s and s east coast gambling festival with free entertainment and attractions, east coast gambling hot rodsrestored cars and revival bands playing music of the era. Every July, more than 25, congregate on the Gold Coast from around the world to participate in the Gold Coast Marathon. It is also the largest annual community sporting event held on the Gold Coast.

Init go here be held on 4—5 July and the 37th Gold Coast Airport Marathon is set to motivate and challenge more than 25, people of all ages and abilities.

Late November to early December sees thousands of school leavers across the country descend on the Gold Coast for Schoolies, a two-week period of celebration and parties throughout Surfers Paradise, hosted by the City of East coast gambling Coast.

The event is often criticised nationally east coast gambling locally for its portrayal of drinking and acts of violence, however every effort by the Queensland Police Service and State Government to ensure all school leavers have a good time are put into place, including locals volunteering by walking the streets and keeping an eye out for those in need of assistance.

The Arts Centre Gold Coast located in Evandale, features a fine art gallery featuring local and international works from painting to sculpture and new media. In addition, there is a theatre for live productions including musicals as well two arts cinemas showing foreign and independent films from Australia and abroad. Chinatown, Gold Coastlocated in Southport, hosts the annual citywide Lunar New Year festival as well as regular monthly events.

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