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I want to stop online gambling

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Betfilter is specially designed to block and stop online gambling. The only blocking software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

So, I don't really know where to start but the reason I am here now i want to stop online gambling because I really do feel I have reached my breaking point. It all started a few years ago playing online bingo from reading other post's I see it's quite common for online bingo to be a 'gateway' to other forms of gambling. I kept telling myself 'it's okay you'll win it back'. Needless to say I didn't. I then self-excluded and stopped online slots for about 2 weeks when I then saw an ad on the TV for another site with a welcome offer, promised myself I would 'just do one deposit' and leave it at http://legjobb-bakik.info/leo-vegas-kasino.php. That didn't happen and again I started chasing my losses and depositing more than what I could afford.

I also kept telling myself I didn't have a problem and that other people must loose a lot more than me, I constantly tried to reassure myself about my actions. So fast-forward to now and the previous 6 months have been the worst.

Last night I had what I call a gambling 'rage' where I completely i want to stop online gambling out from everything around me and just keep spinning the slots, not even caring if I win or not. I'm genuinely scared about this problem, I keep saying this is the last time but I know in a few days or so I want to stop online gambling be go here a new account and starting again.

I have not spoken to anyone about this problem, however my manager who I work with is an ex-gambler and he actually encourages gambling at work he i want to stop online gambling no access to his finances due to his gambling addictionI've said check this out him countless of times we need to stop talking about gambling but he just continues obviously trying to live his gambling addiction through others because he can physically gamble.

Sorry for such a long story but I feel a bit better explaining it all as I suppose this is the first stop to stopping. Hi Alexia, I want to stop online gambling totally understand, you are certainly not alone. Gambling addiction is progressive in nature and your story indicates that. I can't speak for all, but for me, my gambling was under control for a while, and going through прямоугольник online roulette game strategy легкий meeting people with other addictions, the similarities are many.

Have you looked at where your nearest meeting is? I strongly suggest getting to a meeting. Also whilst you are taking the steps to self exclude yourself, which is a very positive step to take, it's appears that it comes after a gambling binge. Have a look at installing K9 web filter an laptops, phones and tablets and block gambling sites.

Ask a friend who you i want to stop online gambling confide in to set the password for you. This will hopefully help to but a block in place, but it's only part of the answer. Going to meetings and engaging in the GA program has helped me tremendously. Wishing you well, one day at a time. One day at a time. HI Alexia Did you manage to get to a meeting? Let us know how things are going, good or bad, we are all here to help one another.

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"I QUIT" - A short film on Gambling Addiction, Depression, Suicide. (One man Shot film)

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